La-Z-Boy Furniture Warranty

Furnishing your home can be an exciting process. You're choosing how you want your personal space to look and feel. What do you want to experience when you come home from a long tough day? How do you want your family to interact with each other? Should they be curled up on the couch together or each person enjoying their own reclining chair? When you make these decisions you're investing in your house's future, and in yourself. Getting quality home furniture is an investment enjoyed by you, your family, and your guests. 

La-Z-Boy offers a manufacturer's guarantee with warranties on all of its components and workmanship. Horton's Furniture helps you understand these warranties so you can get the most out of your home furniture. 

Warranties ONLY apply to products sold by an authorised dealer, such as Horton's Furniture, and are non-transferrable. 

LIFETIME Warranty -- La-Z-Boy Recliner Mechanism

Patented La-Z-Boy (Rocker recliner) mechanism: Only the Lazboy designed and built reclining mechanism with the lifetime warranty features adjustable tension allowing you to customise the amount of effort it takes to ease into a reclining position.

10 YEAR Warranty -- Frame, Foam, Seat Springs, and Workmanship
Every La-Z-Boy product has a manufacturer warranty for normal use of the frame, supportive foam, signature seat springs, and workmanship. For signature La-Z-Boy recliners with rockers springs, a 10 year warranty is provided as well. 

3 YEAR Warranty -- La-Z-Boy Leather
La-Z-Boy uses genuine full hide leather that is guaranteed for three full years from original purchase. The leather should be cleaned and conditioned regularly.

1 YEAR Warranty -- Fabric
For fabric coverings and components, you're guaranteed beautiful quality and consistency for the first 12 months after purchase. 

Investing in La-Z-Boy home furniture is investing in your comfort and gaining whole body support from day one. You can learn more about the terms of the warranties on La-Z-Boy’s website

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